That Was So Fun

Earlier this week I asked for users on my Facebook feed and Instagram account to suggest names for the painting shown below. After the "entries" rolled in, I had a lengthy discussion with two of my colleagues on the meaning of the suggestions.

Most entrants named the painting something tangible.. "Cotton Candy" (in a couple of languages) came up a couple of times, and also names like "Sweet  Memories", "The Pink Chair", "Pink Elephant Parade", and "Pink Mist" to name a few.

Names that struck a little closer to home for me where names like, "Millennial Haze", "Innocence and Science" and the winning suggestion, "Mystery Slumber Party Theater 3000". The pendulum swung in two entirely different directions with my readership, it seems!

The contest gave me things to think about: Do you think that it is difficult for people to associate with abstract art because they need to know exactly what they are looking at? What part of my brain makes me loathe paintings of sailboats* and gravitate towards abstract art? Can people be wired to appreciate both?

I appreciate that the owner of my art should be able to see what they want to see without me telling them what they should see.. and for that reason I have sold paintings titled "Untitled" for years.. but does the art that is titled elicit a greater response? I don't know.. 

This painting is available for purchase!  Click here.

This painting is available for purchase! Click here.

School starts next week. I have so many ideas of paintings in my head, I am looking forward to continuing this little painting spree that started up. Thanks to those of you who took the time to drop a name suggestiont into the hat! I loved reading them all.

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