New Art and an Update!

I was able to spend the day painting yesterday! 

20x24 on gallery canvas; Unnamed! I'm taking suggestions on my instagram feed.

20x24 on gallery canvas; Unnamed! I'm taking suggestions on my instagram feed.

I feel like I have been "disconnected" for so long!

Changing my eating habits has ignited a little spark of creativity that has felt like it has been missing for a long time.. I am still only eating plants; no processed foods. Last week I purchased some of those "cheese" substitutes at the store.. They looked like cheese...but they didn't really taste like cheese.. so as I hone in on a new way of cooking and new tastes, I have decided not to buy products that are supposed to be like their dairy or meat based counterparts. I am enjoying reading food blogs and cruising through recipes.. I have to say, I am not hungry, but I feel like I am eating so much more. (Less calories per dish = more dishes over all. The kitchen is getting a work out!) I have not ventured out to any vegan restaurants.. but I am reading their menus. I never was a very big restaurant that is no different..

The pain in my wrist is subsiding greatly! I am going to acupuncture and physical therapy.. and I played a set last week. Unfortunately, I did not feel too hot the day after that set, so I am giving myself a solid TWO WEEKS of no tennis. I'll try again on September 1. It's torture not to be able to play... but if my acupuncturist says she needs 2 weeks... I can make it. She seems to know what she is talking about. :) 

There is a referral to an ortho-specialist..the same guy to gave me the green light on the great knee injury of 2015... fingers crossed he is not booking 3 months out.

THANK YOU for checking in with me this week.... I'll see you again soon! xx