Do This. Thank me Later.

Dog days of summer... I'm a couple of weeks into my "Cruise Director" annual job Andy daughter and I are enjoying a lot of time together.. most of it on a tennis court, where I can't exactly manage a portable acrylic art studio. So, during down time, I have been having a lot of fun with the "Pixlr" app on my phone. Let me show you something..

This is an original mixed media painting that I love. It's hanging in it's new home in Texas as we speak:

free mixed media tutorial.jpg

I love the composition what do I do if I want to make another painting? I stress out and think, "how can I make a composition as good as this one without being the same?" I look at another original painting I made:

I remember this one..I liked it a lot too! How about one more..because third time is a charm?

Another one of my's going to come home from the gallery soon, I've missed it..

Through the marvel of modern technology, I layer these three paintings and come up with this new "digital" painting:

I like to experiment with the different overlay types inside the "Pixlr" app.. if you have previous Photoshop Express experience, this will come easy to you..but there is very good news..the app is SO simple, anyone can use it without prior Photoshop experience too!

Can you spot the three paintings? I can see parts of the three of them in the new art.. what about those colors? I'm in total love.. creating art this way helps me understand composition and color in ways that I have not thought about before. Best part? The app is FREE. You should check it out. Seriously..

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