They're Back!

I throw paintings in the trash. Honestly. Sometimes I do. I am the complete opposite of a "hoarder".

Detail close-ups of some of the art made by Julie Prichard.

I took down my gallery show last week, and the paintings that did not sell.....well.... their days are numbered. So much so in fact, that I have marked them down ridiculously low.... amazingly low prices for original art.. by me... you should take a look.

I know sometimes shipping prices suck... but there is no way around it (unless you live in So Cal....then we can meet in San Diego)... but...with paintings marked this low, you should really consider purchasing one if I do say so myself. The details, layering, sheen, luster, can't get that from reproduced art. There is something very special to be said about ORIGINAL artwork.

Click here to see the sale. I've changed the format and you should be able to see complete images rather than thumbnails for a more pleasant shopping experience. See? I'm looking out for you.