Take Care of Numero Uno.

Take Care of Numero Uno.

The Personal Care Campaign of 2017 continues this week with advances in my physical therapy... I am learning about (in layman terms) stretching nerves, flexibility and patience. I am a firm believer in PT..I don't take medication, and I believe that most pain is a result of overcompensation for weakness in another part of the body.. having said that, I am making progress! I can use my phone again, and my wrist is getting stronger. All of the times I have completed physical therapy, I have come back stronger... so I am looking forward to returning to tennis soon! Fair notice, opponents. ;)

Out of my mind with boredom,  Chewie started an Instagram account .

Out of my mind with boredom, Chewie started an Instagram account.

I am dreaming about painting. Right before my wrist went on strike, I purchased some new paint colors that have been calling my name... Bea suggested that I paint with my left hand,.. but I have not been able to think clearly up until now.. Paint is coming soon.. I can feel it.

The paintings are returning from the gallery soon! Sounds weird..but I miss them.. the paintings that did not sell will be back on my website for some great prices.... time to move the inventory to make room for the new! I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for the well wishes on the wrist!! I appreciate you all very much. See you soon :)