A turning point....

A turning point....

I wrote about this painting (pictured below) earlier this week on my Instagram page. I have been undergoing a lot of changes recently. Philosophical changes I guess... along with taking some time for myself and many attempts to nurture my creative spirit. To me, this painting reflects a turning point in my artistic path... This isn't really a topic that I talk about very much, because until now I have been having trouble putting these feelings into words, but I am very inspired but the support I have received regarding these comments. It is an exciting time for me as an artist.

I've never been one to be able to pinpoint the source of my expression... I feel that my artist statement sums it up perfectly when I mention "the invisible tap on my shoulder...". I strongly feel that this tap is what is visible in my recent paintings.

I've witnessed the tap in the artwork of many many students over the years.. but for some reason, I have not been able to recognize it in myself. Then moment when you apply what you have learned...and you create something you are totally happy with... and you take a step back feeling pride and happiness with what you have made... that's the tap.

A few new paintings are in my shop now.. I'll highlight them in the next few posts and tell you more about how they arrived.. I'm really happy you're here!

New art: "It Was Like That" 24x24x1.5 gallery canvas. On sale now!  Click here.  

New art: "It Was Like That" 24x24x1.5 gallery canvas. On sale now! Click here.