Big Wheels Keep on Turning..

Big Wheels Keep on Turning..

I have been paying extra attention to a chunk of celestite crystal I have on my studio desk.. The crystal is said to focus...or harness energy to help creatives stay focused.. I can't.

That girl.... she's graduating elementary school tomorrow.. well.. there is no graduation, but she is leaving grade 5 and moving into a new school for grade 6. I'm a little bit out of my mind.. how did this happen?

I started blogging...I started painting...all when she was born. That means we're pushing 12 years here on the blog (I've switched platforms a few times.. so I am afraid some of that history is free-falling in space somewhere). I started teaching in 2009.. This week I have been stuck in a time warp.. where did the time go...where is the time going...and when will I get there.... Nostalgia.. deja vu, changes.... it's been hitting me like the jet wash off of a DC10 this week..

I don't know where I am going...but I am gong to get there. That's for sure.

THANK. YOU....for being here all along the way...seeing all of you sign up for my newsletter and classes means so much.