Inside My Mind...

Something different... we are on spring break this week, and I am having trouble keeping up with my art as well as my cruise-directing responsibilities. :)

I'm painting here and short bursts, and I thought I would show this painting "in progress", more so than I usually do, as I work throughout the week.

Students in my online workshops frequently ask if I know what I am going to paint before I paint it.. The answer is "no".. I usually come to a painting with a palette in mind..and honestly, sometimes that turns around 100% before I am finished as well. But the shapes and composition I am working with... I never know what is going to happen until much further into a painting than the example shown here.

This painting has been on my table for about 2 hours. At this stage, I only have a pretty haphazard base layer on the canvas... I'll add more tomorrow and show you the next step. You can also follow my progress on my Instagram feed here. See you soon!