New Workshops Opening Today!

My friends! These took a lot out of me..I've been painting and filming and painting and editing and filming and editing.... I feel good in saying that these two workshops contain my best videos to date! (...and that's  a lot of video!) Take a look at this promo video for the first class, Explore Abstract Expressionism:

Don't those samples look big and nice? I've hammered out three simple steps you can use to make abstract paintings that look great, have feeling and most importantly, have great compositions! I think that is the one thing that separates good art from great art.. anyone can place stuff on a painting..but do you know why and where to place it? I've got dual camera angles in this class to  help you all along the way. Click here for more info.

...And then there is this class: "Too Abstract!" Check out the samples and promo video below:

I started out writing a class on mark making...but then I thought about how I could make it different than the loads of meh mark making classes already available. Grab the tools you like best and learn how to paint structure to hold your marks plus load up paintings with as much as you like to suit your painting style. Mark making was very difficult for me...I'm here now to coach you though letting go of those uncomfortable feelings and to try and encourage you to think quickly and let it all flow onto the canvas. Click here for more info on this workshop.

Early birds, check it out! You can sign up for BOTH workshops at a really great discounted price for a limited time now. After you check out the course details, click here for the package deal.

Thanks for watching those promo videos...please tell your friends..I can't wait to see you all in class!