An Entire Chicken #mixedmedia

If you're reading this on a browser, you're going to want to come in today.. I had the rare opportunity to join a friend for lunch in a restaurant (I very rarely eat out) yesterday... it was a new place in La Mesa boasting farm to table food.. The food was delicious... too caloric for my taste..and the restaurant was absolutely packed at 11:15am on a Tuesday.. and then I saw it... That drink I have pictured! There were 5-6 different flavored Bloody Mary' of them contained an entire chicken! What the hell is going on???

I don't drink alcohol (this is my friend's drink).. I don't feel as quick on my feet the next day if I do and I like to stay sharp on the tennis court... but these drinks... I can't even imagine...they are like meals in themselves! I see them all over my Instagram feed... but never in person. What about you.....have you ever tried something like this?

"I'm a Diamond" new art; 24x24 mixed media on gallery canvas. Available $450

"I'm a Diamond" new art; 24x24 mixed media on gallery canvas. Available $450

It was nice to eat out..but now back to reality...

I'm really enjoying the new path that my paintings are taking these days. Since I freshened up my paint assortment and let go a little bit, I am having a lot of fun with the new abstracts! I think you'll agree..these paintings are a different avenue for me.. I will be hanging several of them in a show this weekend. I can't wait to tell you more about it!

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See you all soon...back to the administrative work that comes with being an out for those chickens! ;)