Looking at Higher Ground

Friends! I am happy to report that I have wrapped filming on the first of two mixed media online workshops that I plan to release in early March. Please stay tuned for more details on those right here on this blog channel...

In other news, wild weather is keeping me indoors today and tomorrow...more big rains and high winds don't bode well for my beloved tennis practice... I'm spending some time on a lot of projects here and there....feels GREAT to be busy!

Don't forget....we're requesting that all online workshop members, even those of you from way way way back in 2009...move to the new Facebook groups for your classes. You can certainly opt to silence the notifications from Facebook,  but you should always check there for important class updates like password changes, specials, chit chat...you know. I've got so many of you in workshops, I need to be able to put out the occasional APB and Facebook seems the best way to do it! (You can find links to those workshops in your classes....or if you promise to head over there, heck..just CONTACT me and I will send you the link within 24 hours. Yep. That's the kind of service I can offer you!)

"Higher Ground 2017; Mixed media on stretched canvas. 20x24x1.5.

"Higher Ground 2017; Mixed media on stretched canvas. 20x24x1.5.

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