Texture is Life..

I don't think it would be any fun to live in a world without texture. From the smooth texture of a plastered wall...to the super rough texture of a wall with years of built up graffiti, I never can get enough of it. I study the way light hits texture mostly.. I can interpret the texture without even touching it. The realization is fast.. easy.

Off the Grid Full.jpg

Painting texture is one of my favorite things to do. On a recent post regarding a work in progress that I posted on Instagram, someone asked, "What else are you going to do with it?" A few things that I always do.. When my paintings are almost finished, I take a step back and highlight texture, add a little more to color transitions in the painting, and glaze into some areas to bring them forward or push them back into the composition. These final steps in my process allow for a more finished look overall, I think..

So, I present, the newly listed "Off the Grid", which is listed for sale here. And hey, if you're looking for an amazing online workshop pertaining to all things "Texture"...you should look into "Texture Town"..it's a workshop that I filmed with Chris Cozen... you can see a preview and find out more about it by following this link.

See you soon, my friends!