Christmas Eve Eve

I'm just dropping in for a second to share a new painting with you that I finished in between everything "mom" this week. By the way..the first time you hear that voice yell, "MOM!" instead of the usual, "Mommy!!" That's a little shocking.....right??

The Sunsets out West.jpg

I am calling this one, "The Sunsets out West".. inspired by the late fall early winter pink skies we have so much of in San Diego around this time. You can see the close-ups and more photos of this painting by clicking here.

I am painting for one purpose these days.. to be able to do this: My daughter, Kate, is 11...she plays usually 6 days per week, she has coaches, equipment, tournament fees....and lord...she's breaking strings now every two weeks or so.... she's committed to tennis..she has learned how to make training a priority and when to goof around.. she's playing more tournaments than ever and her growth is evident. We've got 4 days of goofing around now...and then it's back to the courts.

Yesterday, somewhere in San Diego.. :)

Yesterday, somewhere in San Diego.. :)

So today I grocery shop, and somehow get the three of us plus one dog arranged handsomely into some sort of holiday photo myself....always good times.... Hopefully I'll be able to show you that photo tomorrow. Come back and see me then. :)