I'm Not the Maid Anymore.. #art #shopsmall

Happy to report that one of my favorite paintings, "Mystery Slumber Party Theater 3000" has sold and is on its way to a collector's home in New Hampshire. God bless the internet.

As I spent the 25 minutes or so to very carefully wrap and package this painting for it's flight...not only was I reminded of how my paintings get to travel more than I do....but I was reminded of the sacrifices and hard work that it takes to make it in the art community. So many times I have thought about quitting... a sale every few months helps me to stay positive.

What do you do to keep your head in the game when times are tough? 

All my original paintings..there are on sale for way less than I should be selling them for...really...use the code SHOPSMALL at the checkout before midnight December 2nd to get yours..it will work even on sale prices.. That collector? He recognized a good value and even paid a $60 overage in shipping (YIKES)..which I have promptly refunded.

Those mixed media online workshops you love so much...they too will no longer be on sale after the 2nd. Click here for workshops. Click here for art SUPER DEALS.

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