Dreaming of Yesterday

Dreaming of Yesterday

This painting took a lot of different twists and turns before ending up in its finished state! (I have two in-process images of this same piece on my instagram feed here, and showed it in my story a few days ago...yah...THAT painting.)

As I sit here writing classes, I can't help but think of different questions and comments that my students have brought up over the years.. Those comments and the feedback I get by being able to see students class-work helps me hammer out the material that I want to teach..and also, that same feedback gives me to ability to weed out things that don't seem important.. the result is a class outline that I see as most valuable...for a really killer price that I challenge you to try and find anywhere else.

"Dreaming About Yesterday"  Available here .

"Dreaming About Yesterday" Available here.

There are a lot of things I am testing...making sure they are just right and completing over and over to make sure that what I want to convey to you is correct. Stay tuned.. I am hoping for a new launch before the end of the year!