Shop Small Y'all!

Spending today on a tennis court..but not playing. My doctor tells me that I can expect to easily be on the sidelines for  a year. A least I have 4.5 months down already! I'll paint...thankfully, I can still do that!

Don't forget..I've got to make some money to support this child..who is breaking strings before they wear out!

Kate, 11 years old ...starting to hit the $#!& out of the ball!

Kate, 11 years old ...starting to hit the $#!& out of the ball!

Save 25% off all of my art....and if you have a smaller budget, send me a note.. I'll work with you on pricing or shipping! Use the code SHOPSMALL to save on paintings. I am loving the looks of all of the gallery walls on pinterest...they show great ideas on how to incorporate paintings with photography of all shapes and sizes into your space!

I've also put all the workshops on sale.. in the spirit of the holidays! No coupon needed for those. 

Happy holidays!!! Love you for stopping by today. XO