Biggest Sale of the Season

You'll want to get in on this quickly....I'm offering 30% off ALL ONLINE many as you through Midnight, October 16th. (Pacific Time)

30% off workshops.jpg

Check out my can watch a promo video for each title... in case you did not know:

My workshops do not expire.

You get to paint, watch, learn as long as you like.

I'm on Facebook every day answering questions if you've got 'em.

I'm supportive. You want to talk about a painting you did not make in class? I'll talk...everybody learns.

Most classes have a big fat handout you get to print and look at on your end....they all have great HD video...listen..I am really proud of ever tune in to learn and hear coughing, dog barking, REPETITION...I edit all that out...your lessons are clean and run at a nice pace.

Don't forget that discount code. Once you make your payment...BOOM. You're in. No messing around... Will I see you in class? Click here for more info.