What's It Going To Take?

What's It Going To Take?

This is a good ol' fashioned shakedown.


I need your help.

I know you've been buying magazines at your kids school.....sending toiletries to Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.... helping the pets... That is GREAT. THANK YOU.

A group of us wondered...who is going to help other artists? Artists live in these disaster zones... we went into action.

We made these fancy art cards. They cost $20. You buy a set for $20, and ETSY also gives us $20. That equates to a $40 donation we are going to make. 100% of that money is going to help Artists. 100%. We are aiming for $8000...we are almost there. Time is running out.

It's the CERF+ foundation. How did we find them? We called...we asked a lot of questions...they are legit. You can read more here if you want to.

So art cards?? They are super nice paper...blank on the back..use them for writing notes, sending mail....making someones day.....to decorate your space.....oh...you're an artist too? THEY COME WITH A FREE STENCIL for you to keep!

How can you pass this up?

Calling the community....calling the makers.....the artists... the art fans...the helpers....the people who want to make a difference...I'm calling YOU. Please do it.

EDIT: Weekend blog readers...ACT FAST! As of Thursday, these are practically sold out!!

ME. In my home studio, holding the art cards.

ME. In my home studio, holding the art cards.

Thank you...thank you for helping us help others....it means a lot!