They Could Be Royals #mixedmedia

They Could Be Royals #mixedmedia

I want to tell you about some awesome customer service I received... because in the art supply business, this is a rare occurrence.

In my online workshops, I always mention the exact brushes that I am well as provide links to each brush so that you can purchase them online. I do not receive any commission or any perks for telling you any of that information..I wish I did...but I don't..doesn't matter.

I know it is hard to select brushes. I was in the store the other day and was completely overwhelmed (and underwhelmed at the same time) about the selection... and the prices..mama mia. I've got great brushes here, folks... Brushes that will withstand sitting in water forever, scrubbing abuse, high contact art making.... let's be honest..I aint no delicate flower in the painting department.

I called Nic at V&N Supply, LLC, and he was very helpful..I received his card with my order..he's the owner! Nic spoke to me about my art... I told him the favorite brushes that I have been using for years...and then I told him my needs. He gave me a list of things to look at... I looked them up on their awesome website...submitted my order and could not be more happy with the results!

Here is the link to the website. I like the Royal Soft Grip line of brushes. Look up what you need, make a list..and then call them: 918-286-8716.. the shipping may cost less if they place your order personally. Be sure to tell them, "Julie Prichard in San Diego" told you to call... I am happy to give them the business.