How long does it take?

How long does it take?

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to bake pies. Seriously. I'm really good at baking cookies, cakes, cheesecake, even... I'm really good at roasting carnitas and cooking in general.. but for some reason, making pie crust has always stopped me in my tracks.

I've been afraid of pie crust. In my first home, I convinced myself that because we didn't have granite countertops, there is no way I could work with dough. When we purchased my current home, I was excited to see it indeed had granite already... I immediately thought about making pies. However... I stalled myself for 8 years. EIGHT. YEARS.

When my friend became an American citizen earlier this week, I told him that I would make him an apple pie. That's pretty American...right? And because other people were standing around at the time of my declaration, know how this usually works with me.... they would get pies too. Suddenly, I was committed to 4 pies.

I carefully read recipes online and bought the necessary ingredients. Since I wanted to save a little money, I didn't buy pie pans and settled on making apple galettes... I've always been fascinated with pictures of galettes, this would be my first foray into pie making.

I made all of my dough a day in advance and spent Wednesday making the galettes... They. Came. Out. Beautifully! I was so terrified of making dense, solid crust.. My crust turned out so flakey and delicious.. People want to place orders for them! I am really really really excited....and pies are now at the forefront of my baking mind...

...and now.....I might want to learn how to sew larger sized pants.  ;)

Galette recipe