Last weekend...there was tennis!

Last weekend...there was tennis!

I got a small job as "Social Media Director" at our tennis club, and was lucky to be able to practice more sport photography during a tournament there last weekend. What's great is that I love playing a game with myself to see how quickly I can compose a photograph during play... what's bad is that I can't pay attention to the tennis.. don't ask me what the score was to any of these matches, I wish I knew.

When I started photographing tennis, I used to like to try and catch the ball on the strings. Of course that's now developed into a little touch of crazy...because now that I am catching the ball on the strings more than ever, I'm now trying to catch it when it compresses against the strings. Squish.

I'm also adhering to the Associated Press rules for photoshop on these aside from cropping..which means I am studying my histograms and dialing in to the lighting conditions as they change throughout the day.. no "auto" mode on any of these (ever..anyway..but that would be easier!)... testing my skills.

If you're on twitter and instagram, I'd appreciate a little love over there so I can get my Tennis Club accounts off the ground.... and you can get to see pictures like these every so often.. ;)

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