This weekend was a slow one.. I've been feeling run-down and tired, so I stayed home for two days. It is a rare occasion when I get any time to myself, especially in the summer, so I felt like trying something new..something "newer" I should say. I broke out my watercolor pans.

Not perfect, but also not "important", I slowly tried to paint some feathers in my sketchbook. Painting with watercolors frustrates me; it is much easier for me to manipulate acrylics. I appreciate the time it takes for the paper to absorb excess water. I enjoy the process of slowly building up the transparent layers of colors. I don't enjoy drawing...by any means... so, the forgiveness of the feather shape was welcome.

I'm happy these somewhat resemble the shape I intended to make.. I'm even more happy that this attempt with my watercolor palette was better than my last.. progress makes me happy.

Thanks for stopping in today!