How do you feel about lines?

How do you feel about lines?

Do you play that game with your brain when you look at paintings? When I am wrapping up my work, I look away from my painting...then look back, forcing my eye to loosely look at the middle of the painting... I then let it wonder and try to see if it automatically ventures off the painting or if it stays locked in the center. Have you tried that?

I'm locked into the center of this you know why? Line.

Line can be made with pattern, color, collage and tone.. this painting is loaded with line..and all of the lines either frame or point towards the center of this painting!

The graphic black and white lines in this painting hold my eye.. their placement was key to aiding the composition of this painting. They also point upwards and to the center, keeping the viewer's eye on the painting.

The heavy color transition in this painting is another way to add line. Line anchors the painting here, giving a natural weight to the bottom of the composition that is pleasing to the eye.

Can you spot line in your paintings? Intentional or do you use it?