I might be out of my mind... #mixedmedia

Let's get serious for a minute..

A student reminded me of this painting yesterday.. for all of my online workshops, I give every student unlimited access to posting pictures of their art and to solicit feedback.. I don't cut them off after a certain amount of time.. as long as I am here...I'm happy to hear from customers. Some students have been painting since 2011! That. Makes. Me. Happy.

I have an online mixed media workshop called, "8 Great Paintings (link)". The class costs $68.99. Shut the front door! SIXTY EIGHT NINETY NINE....and I teach you to make EIGHT paintings start to finish??! Oh..and that class runs for almost FIVE hours! Five hours of professionally edited video footage. No joke.

We're not slopping paint around to make art... we're not making tiny 6x6" canvases.. this is legit instruction for real, fine art paintings. Really. - Julie Prichard

Get that class. Watch those videos. Learn the techniques... take them all..make stuff. You like my art?? These are the painting techniques I use every day..

Whatever class you want to take...I am always happy to hear from you. Come on...Let's paint!