To do..

A couple of weeks in to summer vacation already.. and with no off-campus excursions planned for me this year, I thought I would come up with a small to-do list of things I want to do this summer.. mostly, I want to relax and play more tennis; but in the event that I need to deviate from that plan, here is what I am thinking.

At the top of the list? I want to blog and write more.

I know what you're probably's what I am thinking actually... I am blogging....but I want to blog more.. and that involves one thing from I need to get OUT more. I live in the middle of a glorious city, but I have trouble finding time to take my camera out. I am going to make a point to take it out a couple of times every week now.. I want to build my photography library...and journal. Here. Pronto.

Produce more online workshops.

I am! I am happy to report that already this summer I have released three! (Well...number 3 is uploading right very soon you will see it.) The schedule has been running pretty smoothly. Paint. Film. Edit. Repeat. I can do this. I hope you're enjoying the new content! I am feeling the most free feeling as an artist than I have in a long time.

Take a small-day-road-trip

I don't know where yet.... but I want to go somewhere. any suggestions? I think there is a ghost town not too far from here... that might be at the top of the list. Cheap and cheerful. (Ghosts can't work cash maybe even free!)

My dog, "Chewie"; age 1.5. :)

My dog, "Chewie"; age 1.5. :)