And.... We're back!

Pictured is a small piece of art that I made back in 2009. It is a page that was bound together into a collaborative book featuring 38 other artists.. I did the binding on that book and sent it to the recipient ... There was a load of organization necessary for that project; deadlines and communications that went back and fourth... Right before the ship date, I drove the book up to Stampington to be photographed for publication (about 90 miles up the road) and then drove it home and shipped it off..... never missing a beat.

These days, finding someone who can juggle, multitask, commit, FOLLOW-THROUGH....etc,  seems like a super rare gift. Being busy fuels me... I absolutely love fast-paced deadlines and big projects. When I talk to people and they tell me how busy they are, I think to myself...really? Is that all you got? Sounds like a "cake walk".

My horoscope has been telling me over the last couple of weeks not to doubt my path.... not to second guess myself. I don't know what is on the horizon here... but I can't help but feel excited. I'm searching and searching... and enjoying every minute.

And I am delighted to see this little page from 2009 again....