New Flat File #DIY

There is no glamorous way for me to photograph this... and also because I sold my wide angle lens and have not purchased it back again (more on that later), you're going to get this in good 'ol "What you see is what you get" fashion..

Since I have been living in this house, I have not had any place to store large sheets of paper and yupo. The pile of sheets were on the floor, under that blue Ikea dresser.. where I lost square footage...and especially the "I need clean surfaces" feeling that overcomes me every day. There especially isn't anywhere for the footprint of a bank of flat files...and truthfully I don't even use large sheets of paper that much. Since the studio purge, I decided to keep the sheets..rather than just purchase them as needed... enter the wall-mount flat file.

This project was very inexpensive to make. We had some hinges in the garage and some scrap wood to build an edge to which we could mount a larger piece of plywood. (You cannot see it in the photos, but that edge is what is making the plywood, now covered in faux copper sheeting, stand away from the wall.) The copper sheets were purchased at the home store, and the knob from Anthropologie. I wanted a small piece of leather to use as the strap that holds the file upright...but until I come across one, the ribbon will suffice.

When I lift the ribbon from the rabbit, the plywood folds outward, allowing me to find the paper that I need... then I can tuck everything neatly back up against the wall. I'm really happy with this storage solution. What do you think? I'd love to hear from you!