Now That is What I call Love...

If someone serves you sliced oranges with a cherry on top as pictured above? True love.

I found this little gem during the great art studio purge of 2016. I am completely mesmerized by the illustrations in this little cookbook. Seems I may have had a little infatuation with illustrations of desserts during the last few years as I also ran across a couple of stationary sets featuring similar drawings.

I'm remaking the website. Everything will be here during the construction phase...but things may look out of sorts until I get everything settled. I'm hoping I can hammer everything out in a day or know how that goes. Similar to opening up the walls during remodel... you  never know what you're going to find until you get in there.

If you're looking for original art or an online mixed media workshop next week and your links don't work...or you can't negotiate around this place, don't hesitate to send me a message. I'll reply lickedy-split.

Have a great weekend... orange slices and cherries for all!