Emptiness Inspires Me

Emptiness Inspires Me

I'm sitting in my office...everything on my large work station is piled over to this corner of the table. The keyboard cord won't reach all the way to my lap, and I cannot see the top of my desk here. On the other side of the workstation, rosin paper and painters tape mark the edges of my walls.. there is a pile here and a pile there, and all of walls are bare. I'm almost finished.

The massive pile of 10 years of craft supply storage and fabric has been removed from my office and moved to the garage. A pile of large donation boxes sits to one side there, and the rest has been organized and packed back neatly into very few storage bins. I feel like I have had something "removed"...and I couldn't be more content.

The overwhelming contents of my studio made me feel clogged.. Projects that were put on hold? Ditto. I felt like I lost my voice..and my freedom. It's coming back.

This weekend I'll wrap up in here with the labor..and get my bulletin (now clean) board back up on the wall. I'll sit down and look at the new hardware I need to order.. I've been moping around for about a year now, hesitant to buy equipment that I needed, and now it is time. By the time school is out, I'll be up and running. I hope you stay tuned....... I'm excited about my personal and professional progress and can't wait to share it with you.

In my revised space, I feel like work can get done. Feels great.