Make Homemade Bath Bombs....

Make Homemade Bath Bombs....

A second craft project that I wanted to try with my daughter this week was making some bath bombs. I was totally inspired by my friend Jamie who posted her creations on Facebook... I turned to google and set off reading what seemed like 413 tutorials for making your own bath bombs.

Here's my take on bath bombs:

They look awesome.. and they actually work. My daughter was very pleased with the results of the bombs we made in her bath. We scented them lightly with almond and orange oils, and I used a small amount of good olive oil for the moisturizing component.

Bath bombs, while easy and fun to make, had about a 50% success rate our first go around. Why? I don't know. We live in a dry climate...there was not any extra humidity hanging around that day (many people who tried the tutorials online list humidity as a drawback in making bath bombs). But as the bath bombs sat overnight to harden, we woke up to a few that had split in half, and a few that had turned into large bath "pucks". These misshapen bath bombs still work fine in the bath, however, I would not give them as gifts.

Based on their unpredictability, I would go ahead and vote that bath bombs remain as something we purchase rather than make.. but the process was fun for the girls...they enjoyed it very much.

(I ordered the stainless mold here. We followed this tutorial.)