Fold. Cut. Repeat.

I have taken my love for the paper snowflake to the highest level yet.

The class room-parent is a difficult job when it comes to managing our very small budget.. I am always on the look out for ways to decorate HUGE classrooms...with very little or no money. I have to say, we hit a home run this year: Enter- the paper snowflake.

For two weeks, my friend Tahnee (heyyyyy!) and Manny and I cut paper snowflakes. I sewed white card stock garland and Kate made miles of white paper chains. The intention was to blizzard out the classroom a la the set form the movie "Elf".. I am absolutely mesmerized by the set design in that movie.. 

So without further adieu, check out what we did to the class in secret last Friday afternoon...wish I planted hidden cameras to capture the faces of the students when they walk into the class tomorrow morning!

Here is the class before:

and theeeeennnnnnnnn:

We also taped snowflakes to the exterior windows.... We cut about 280 snowflakes! (Some are square...I have to say...we got pretty fancy! I love paper may remember I have mentioned them here, here and here too.

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