Welcome to Florida!

Welcome to Florida!

Friends! What a week... I'll sum it up:

Monday started with my daughter coming to the car at pick-up so excited to see one of her classmate's "elf on the shelf" dolls come to school in their lunch.. She said everyone went wild over it.. She tears up and again asks why we don't have one... >sigh<

I never bought one. Sorry... I think it is too expensive... so every year for the last 3 years or so I have been painstakingly writing her personalized notes from Santa himself every night... with things like... do good....share something with a new friend.... study hard.... thought I was doing a good job. Nope... society says I need to have a small over-priced doll to celebrate the holidays. >sigh<

Desperate to save $30...I start asking around to see if anyone has an extra doll. I score an "LA DODGERS" elf from my friend who also has the red elf.. Her son bought the Dodgers elf when a sports store went out of business here over the summer....75% off. I say, "I'll take it!"

Kate writes a letter to Santa, begging for an elf to come to our house. It's cursive, very well written and 4 paragraphs long.. great sentence structure.. I have to reward her with the elf.

Julie calls her producer friend, provides him with a script, changes his name and phone number in her phone to be a picture of the big man... and asks him to call as Santa. Santa leaves Kate a voicemail. A "Dodgers" elf is being dispatched.. since the Dodgers did will this year, he will have time off and can come to our house. The Padres and Chargers elves will be working this season with their respective teams. >bigger sigh<

The boy who purchased the Dodgers elf goes crazy when he finds out he is missing.. His mom convinces him that the elf has been sent to Florida to help another little boy who doesn't have an elf. The boy writes a letter to Santa, and Santa confirms that the Dodgers elf is in Florida...but he will be back next year. The boy writes back asking for photos of the elf so he can see what he is up to in Florida. >jesus<

These dolls are terrible. They don't sit, stand, bend, stay, speak, roll-over...nothing. They flop to the floor. You can't pose them. (I can hack into him and sew in wire, I know...but how long can this go on?) Julie spends 3 hours holding, photoshopping, posing and processing images of the Dodgers elf so the mom can supply the boy with pictures throughout December. >do the math...my lies have me involved with TWO elves now... crap. No wonder I am always tired.<

Anyhow....the Dodgers Elf will arrive here sometime this weekend. I'm a little excited about it.. I got into the photoshoot making the images look like they were "s elfies", making sure the boy could not tell that the elf was down the street rather than in Florida.. and also making the images look like they were taken at night... I know this is going to make my daughter extremely happy. It also feels really good to have a circle of friends around you that will help you out in this type of situation.. who will lie for you...come along with the crazy scheme...and possibly post bail if necessary... I love you all...