Snake Oil and Wonder Pills

Snake Oil and Wonder Pills

Last week I was invited to attend a seminar here in San Diego. The 3 day event boasted hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs in one space, attending talks and classes that may help me become more successful. Amazing networking opportunities... Someone I know was organizing the event and offered me free tickets.

Every once in a while, a similar online workshop or art retreat proposition comes across my radar. The invitation usually sounds something like, "Travel to this amazing location, eat organic meals and snacks prepared by this amazing chef, bond with amazing,  (even more) like-minded individuals, do some yoga and I am going to tell you how to make more money selling your art."  (I am completely aware of my overuse of the word 'amazing' here.)

These are pricey events that I have never had the opportunity to attend. ...Even if I had the money, I don't think I would want to... with free tickets to the event in San Diego, I did not go.

Don't get me wrong! I am not opposed to meeting like-minded individuals.. it's the "..I'm going to teach you how to make more money" promise that makes me uncomfortable ... that coupled with the fact that I have to pay YOU to tell me how to make more money, makes me a little sick to my stomach actually. 

If you want to truly succeed in a career, especially a creative career, there is no absolute, pre-defined trajectory. There is no recipe that will equal success.
— Casey Neistat

Around the same time that invitation came into my messenger, Casey Neistat  * posted a vlog regarding the subject. I think he's right, and I've always maintained that way of thinking. Making money is hard work! Because if it wasn't (you know what's coming next), we'd all be driving Cadillacs and sucking down shrimp cocktails** for lunch. Being an artist is extremely difficult, and I think the only way to truly be successful, is to work hard.***

So... I'm staying put. Of course, I like networking...but I like the free type of networking that comes every day, not the organized, pay-by-the-hour type.. and I am going to hang my show on Thursday.. and after that, I am going to initiate phase two with those paintings... and it's going to be new, and different, and difficult... but I am going to keep on keeping' on.. Because working hard feels good... and I enjoy the truth and honesty that comes from that.

Here's the blog I mentioned (Video embed)- around the 4:26 mark

Working hard feels good and I enjoy the truth and honesty that comes with that.
— Julie Prichard

* I've been following Casey Neistat for a while now. I started watching because I like looking at NYC, and I love his editing.. Kate loves him too.. she dressed like him for Halloween..and yes, I tattooed her arms like his with pen.

**Shrimp Cocktails are delicious.. and one day I hope to own a classic convertible gas-guzzling Cadillac. 

*** These workshops are different than the consulting that I offer. I offer consulting on how to set up and distribute content to sell online. You want to teach online workshops? That's what I can talk to you about.. Logistics. Contact me for more info.