She likes pixels and paint..

She likes pixels and paint..
Again thank you for all your help - it was your book which initially kickstarted me into understanding the possibilities of acrylic paint, now I can’t get enough of it!
— Claire Kennedy

Claire tells me that out of all of the workshops she has taken with us, "Pixels and Paint" was the most "illuminating" to much so that now she can't stop using her photographs in her art! I love that!

Claire is a student who lives in Scotland... The fact that I am able to connect so easily with Claire online is so fantastic. We have students from all over the world enrolled in workshops..students that I would normally not have access to me all the way over here in San Diego, California!

Our "Pixels and Paint" workshop has been retired.. it retails for $78.99. Psssst! If you're crazy about photography and mixed media artwork and you want to take that class, drop me a note...

Claire, thank you so much for sharing your artwork with us! You can find more of Claire's artwork on her Facebook page. Click here for Claire Kennedy Art.