Those were different times...

Those were different times...
Halloween, 1998

Halloween, 1998

I have a couple of things that I worry about... this post will be about one of them...and I'll expel a second batch of worries on you, unsuspecting readers, in a day or so.

There are two incidents that prompted today's set of concerns.... Film. Last week, my local camera store announced that they had sold their last package of Fuji FP100C.. In addition, one of my childhood friends had a birthday and her mom posted a picture of her taken when she was in grade school.. Subsequently, I went to the garage, and sifted through a bunch of old photos looking for any photos I might have had of her as well...I came up empty, but I found the gem shown above.. timely.

Stay with me here....

Of course, I am not shooting film anymore..and I am not saying that you should run out and start shooting film either. I'm shooting with my iPhone most days...and able to grab my big camera at a moments notice... I like to think I have a sophisticated way of editing and organizing the images I take with my big camera every day.. more so than most users, I am sure.. but I don't print as often as I should. Probably about 4 times/year.

Cut to the iPhone.. I shoot 10 photos, and delete the ones that are imperfect...all to conserve space on my device... every photo looks great.. there are not any bloopers... would the image above even exist if we were digital in 1998? With film, we shot the image and had to wait. When the roll was full, we waited some more for those images to be developed... when we were handed the envelope....those were some of the best of times. We forgot about the  images we shot..and laughed and laughed as we flipped through the images.

The image above made me laugh for a long time.. I sent it to the girl I am standing with and she laughed as well.. But what about the future?

Every two years I upgrade my phone. Every upgrade I purchase more GBs because I am accumulating more and more images... A couple of times a week, I am scrolling WAY back though the phone history to find an older image to show someone.. but is that the same? What happens when my photo library exceeds 128 GB? I'll have to print..

Now think about this: What if your image quality is not good enough to print? You loose image clarity when images are taken in low light. The image above was shot outdoors, at night, the camera flash at the time did a good job. But look closely at the images on your many of those can you say the same about?

With the ease and availability of a camera phone, are we actually loosing memories? Does society stop taking images as crazy as this one because we're embarrassed to post images on social media unless they show us in our best light? (Arguably, I am not pictured in my best light above..

With film everyone froze, posed, and made an effort to take the photo. Since there are phone cameras all over the place now, is the photo taken less seriously?

What do you think?


Worried about Memories,

San Diego, CA