What's the best camera?

I am often asked what's the best camera to use? I know you've heard me say this before...the camera that you are carrying with you!

iPhone 7plus; Black.

iPhone 7plus; Black.

I am a tech nerd...geek.. I always have been. I'm fascinated by technology. I'm the person who reads the car manual cover to cover... camera manual too.. I am entranced by updates...oh what a great time to be alive! Someone left me a voice mail message the other day. Imagine my surprise when I looked at my phone and found that the message was automatically transcribed so that I could read it in it's entirety! That's crazy.. I love it.

So...with the announcement of the new fancy camera improvements in the iPhone7Plus and the fact that my contract was up, I got myself on the wait list for the larger phone.. (I was using an iPhone 6 previously.) I am really happy with the change.

The iPhone7Plus boasts additional camera features that will be available this fall with a future update..I am really looking forward to the portrait capabilities that were mentioned in the Key Note.. like. totally. excited.

These are every day photos...the quick ones... The top picture is my daughter taken in low light..very noticeable noise reduction... Another low light photo above of my tennis club. The tennis club photo is outstanding to me...for a phone, hand held, at night, no flash.

You've taken a sunset photo with your phone before...that up there is some pretty sweet clarity in the sky. I should mention all of these images are straight out of the camera.. no filters. No re-touching.

One more of my friends and I at a recent dinner after tennis... the noise in this photo is noticeable..the restaurant was very low light...however..I suspect the phone's facial recognition went into overdrive making sure none of us had red eye and that we were lit properly...I think it over-worked itself a bit...but the white balance and our skin tones are pretty nice..for a phone.

Will the iPhone7 replace my DSLR. No...never. I do think it has replaced my need to carry a point-and-shoot though.. It's heavier than the smaller phone, but happily fits in my back pocket as well as the phone pocket in my handbags.. 

Is it good to take pictures of your art work for online posting? Yep. For print? No.. I don't think so.. unless you have the conditions near perfect while you are shooing. On the fly for say..taking pictures of your student artwork to share with your online workshop? ;) It's great.

Thank's for geeking out with me today...I'll let you know what happens with the portrait (bokeh) software updates once they get here.

(Hibiscus photo shot with the iPhone7plus.. straight out of the camera.)