She binge watched the series!

She binge watched the series!

My Mixed Media Variety Hour online workshop was a labor of love.. I worked with a video producer on that class to make some of the most beautiful video I have ever shot.. "Variety Hour" is a bit misleading..that class clocks in at 238 minutes long! (Like 4 hours!) The class was made out of necessity for me because I know that sometimes I need to take a break from painting..I mixed in art journal making, card making and painting into this super workshop.

Loved that you were always available. Such an amazing concept to me.
— Barb Bytwerk

Barb submitted some of her work from that class for the Art Gallery Tour! Pictured is her "Idea Book" a unique book filled with all different sorts of paper and sewn together with a sewing machine. Take a look at the "variety" of the pages inside:

When she was finished sewing pages together, she watched a painting lesson and made this beautiful wall art:

I don't know of any class where you can get such a diverse group of lessons for such a great price. Find out more about the Mixed Media Variety Hour online workshop here. Head over to Barb's blog to say hello by clicking here. One more thing...Barb mentioned that she loves how I was accessible to everyone in the know what? I STILL AM! You don't have to leave the class when you're me again and again...anytime!

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