Godzilla El Nino Garden Surprises

Here in San Diego, Mother Nature pretty much let us know who was boss yesterday.. For the last few months the city has been making us aware of the preparations that we need to make at home.. He's here.

It rained so hard yesterday afternoon. Hard and fast.. We had some minor flooding in our back yard, which consequently floods the garage..but we are used to it. There is just so much water at one time, the drains cannot handle it. Others were not so lucky.. Accidents, car damage, water rescues and business/home flooding were pretty common all over the city yesterday.. and this is just the beginning. We live at the top of a slope, so it is unlikely that we will experience several feet of standing water. More rain is expected today...and this will last through March they say.. (Apparently this will be the biggest El Nino season on record....with rains like this not seen here since 1997!)

Walking around outside during a break in the storm, I spotted these two pretties.. One of my succulents shot out the little pink and orange flowers shown in the top photo..and some volunteer paper white bulbs bloomed too. I love surprises like that.

Rained in, cold or snowed in? Don't forget we have some pretty great Online Mixed Media workshops running now. You can see the list of available workshops by clicking here. Winter is a great time to sit down with us... I'll come in and check on you daily.. I hope to see you there!