Earlier This Week..

It has been ten years since I became a mom. When you say that out loud, it seems like such a long time. Well, I guess it is a long time. It has not been easy, but the last ten years have been the most rewarding... the best ten years of my life. When I come to a milestone, I tend to think about the other things that may have happened around that same time..

Ten years ago, I started to dabble in "crafting".. Ten years ago (or slightly earlier than that), I started blogging... Ten years ago, I decided to stay home from my "regular" job... to give it all up... and raise this girl. I struggle a lot with the decision that I made when I was pregnant, because I never thought I would be out of the work force for this long. (People that know me really know that gemology...well...as nerdy as it sounds...I loved being a gemologist with my whole heart.) But when I look back, I wouldn't have changed a single thing. 

Ten years ago, I would never have imagined that I would have an online business and that I would be "connected" to so many of you from right here in San Diego... So thank you.. thank you for being a part of "all this"... it really means a lot to us.