Boo.....the FLU! #mixedmedia #art #workshops

Jeeeeeeeeeezzzz.... My daughter and husband arrived home from vacation Wednesday with full blown FLU.. Yep..they tested positive for it..and lord...I have never heard so much coughing! Needless to say, my medical practice is open, they are sequestered like a jury.. and I have been sleeping on the couch.. I'm BORED, bored! There are only so many Real Housewives episodes someone can take!

Come paint with me... log in to your workshops.. get some supplies... OR if you want to try something new, save 20% off your order now through Tuesday, midnight pacific! Use the code BOOFLU at checkout..

Click here to see the online mixed media worshops.. they are HUGE, there are no time limits..and I am stuck on the couch waiting for the next nurse buzzer to ring.... operators are standing by!

PS- the discount applies to my original paintings too!