It's a struggle for sure...

My breakfast... Sunday - Friday. Saturday is reserved for waffles.. (vegetable bread, avocado, Nespresso)

Puppies are cute..but they are so much work. When you have several days of great can get caught off guard by a random behavioral set-back.... sometimes that makes me forget about the progress we've made.. I know that I shouldn't. Add to that the fact that I am so sad to leave him here at home while I run errands, etc.. makes for a really tired mom. Really tired.

My daughter will be leaving third grade this year....we are looking forward to 4th grade in the fall. The child is in school... but I always think I am too.. the study sessions and guidance do warrant a vacation for the parent(s) too...right? We've come a long way.. Is it easier to continue working or stay at home?

I've been slowly (and I do mean slowly) working in an art journal.. I made about 3 pages last month.. I have to keep reminding myself that it's not really my time to create right now.. and whereas there is absolutely no room for more paintings here in the house, the art journal is a distant substitute.. because pages are meant for quick excursions.... not thorough fine art paintings... and that is what I struggle with. The camera is my new friend.. I can take pictures where I go...edit them and keep them on file here until I print them.. satisfies the little craving for art... it isn't much... but it's something.