Fair Food.... marketing sucker! #SoCal

Kate's art teacher entered a painting that she had made during the year into the Del Mar Fair! It was pretty exciting to receive a free ticket... I had  not been to the fair in about 15 years or so.... I'm not the type of person who eats a lot of junk food, so it wasn't the food that called to me.. but I have to tell you..the COLORS of the fair were pretty amazing! I was mesmerized by the menu boards.

I kept thinking to myself... man...the people behind the marketing of this stuff really hooked into me! The colors, typography...combined with the smells of it all... I'll admit, my mouth was totally watering. I ate one spiral cut potato thing on a stick and got the hell out of there..

What do you guys think? The colors? The smell? What gets you at the fair?

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