Art Journal Review.... #mixedmedia

From my first art journal... 2007. Remember why I started doing this? I wanted to teach myself how to use acrylic paint. Journal was the affordable way to experiment. I was wrapping up my time with rubber stamps and card making..

In the same journal, I decided later on that I although I always purchase sugary collage materials (I'm a Sanrio Child), I didn't think they were a good fit into my art.. I started to experiment with image transfers.

Landscape format called me next... still hanging on to those sweet embellishments...but struggling to find my own voice. By this time, my "voice" was published in a few Art Journaling magazines by Stampington and Co.. that was fun.

Then making my own books... stencils were coming in to play a little more... spray paint too.. I think by this time, the embellishments were making an exit..and making things my own was my preferred method.

Painting the covers of some books.... pushing and pulling between finished fine art and quick page... Art eventually wins.

Still attracted to collage..and less enamored with paint...

And 2015 on the table. What's next? Stay tuned...