15 Minutes of Fame. Over-crafters Anonymous

It always starts the same way... get an idea. Think about purchasing the things for the idea.. talk yourself out of purchasing because you have every supply known to man...proceed with making the idea. Of course your expectation is set so high, you end up making things twice.. maybe 3 or 4 times even.

There is a severe addiction to Mine Craft here in our house.. if she is not playing it on any number of devices at one moment, she's talking about it. I decided that I would allow her to play the game in 15 minute increments... and she would get 10 of those sessions per week.  After we talked about it, we decided that this rule would apply to all device usage.. (I prefer outdoor activities... especially tennis.) So my intention with these official "tokens" was to give her an allotment every Sunday that she could use during the week. When she redeemed the token, I would use my day date stamp to stamp when she used it on the back.. like an old fashioned library card if you will..

Except I have not seen my day/date stamp in about 4 years... the hunt for it enabled me to find the bottle caps pictured below.

Ooohhh... I could make actual "tokens"! Which was my idea in the first place!

I love this idea better.. These will sit in a cute jar on her dresser.. and when she wants to "cash" one in, she can give it to the "banker" - Me.

Bottle caps with scrapbook paper.. Dymo label "15"'s and covered with a thick application of Diamond Glaze. (No affiliation with these products or vendors.)