And so last week was a blur....

Ocean Front, 24x36" on stretched gallery canvas

Ocean Front, 24x36" on stretched gallery canvas

My beloved iMac took a dive last week.. Turns out the graphics card in my model had a recall.. so the repair was covered, but the machine spent a little vacation down at Apple store. It was a little depressing walking by the empty space where the computer sits in my office... I am really happy it's back home.

The San Diego Ballet is having their 25th annual fund raising auction on May 9th, and I was happy to be asked to donate a painting to them. I donated "Ocean Front". I really hope the painting does well for has always been one of my favorites.. The lower portion has beautifully layered rust and blue colored texture.

Chewie is doing ok. He started his puppy classes yesterday.. He's very shy around other dogs.. which is bad because to a larger dog, a scaredy dog looks like prey rather than another play-mate. So we're working hard to introduce him to dogs. He's great with people.. maybe he actually is a "wookie". I'm not was only his first class of 12. His favorite toy this week? The ever popular ice cube.. good times.

It's hard to take time to paint these days.. I'm on patrol following Chewie pretty much all day. I need to carve out some time for something soon though, I am starting to get antsy.

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