Our New Puppy....

Hooray! We decided that this boy would come live with us a few weeks ago...but we had some vacation scheduled, so we did not bring him home until Easter. What a whirlwind it has been!

"Chewbacca" aka, "Chewie" is so playful....has the most deliciously scented puppy breath and is.. let's face it... a wild animal essentially. He sure looks cute, but it's hard to forget that he doesn't really know what's going to go down with this person-dog relationship yet. He's 14 weeks old.

It seems that he is learning really fast though.. he's pretty much accustomed to the leash already and enjoys long walks around our block. He loves to be outside... a lot.

Spring Break is wrapping up on our end, so soon it will be Chewie and I at home.. I'm really happy he's here.

PS- he's a Shih Tzu, like Ichiro.. he'll grow up to be about 15 lbs we think.