Go Find Your Passion. Thanks, I'll Pass For Now.

Photography. Writing. Video Production. Problem Solving. Gemology. Painting. Teaching.... Creative slump. 

My friend sent me a great article on "finding your passion".. and not only is the author on my "favorites" list now.. but I have been doing a lot of thinking. If one of the main issues in my career of being an artist is what medium to most identify myself with, why do I need to choose? And if being unable to make that identification makes me feel like I have failed... or that I am not good enough at something, why do I continually dwell on it?

Being a creative is a lonely profession often packaged nicely with a bunch of "I don't belongs" with this and that.. and "I can never do thats".. It is refreshing to read an alternative point of view strung together with a few f-bombs for great measure.. what do you think?

(Blog posts are better with pictures. That's Chewie's first Christmas photo above. He's 11 months old now.)