New Years Eve #mixedmedia #art

"After Hours" 36x48", Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

"After Hours" 36x48", Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Dear Friends, Happy New Year to you! 

We like to watch the celebration at home on TV... usually the east coast feeds because I can never make it until midnight.

I'm feeling the urge to paint soon I think... the temperature in San Diego is perfect for working here in my studio, not too hot, not too cold... El Nino promises a very wet winter for us, so my time on the tennis court may be limited... as they say, "the perfect storm" for creativity!

My friend Chris Cozen posted this on her Facebook page..and it hits home. After seeing the effects of time on some craft paint projects, I am always hesitant to purchase any art unless I know what I am getting. How about you?

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