Julie Prichardbooks, the book

Calling All Units.... Get Me This New Book

Julie Prichardbooks, the book

My friend Chris Cozen has a brand new book on the shelves this month! Acrylic Color Explorations is a beautiful, spiral bound book that you might want to check out if you are looking for fresh content regarding color and expression.

julie prichard color book.jpg

I'm happily featured on page 29 of the book, where Chris explains my frequent use of layered color and variations of black and white.

Of course, the book is also filled with Chris's own art and techniques... isn't the painting pictured above delicious?

Chris will walk you through mixing color, how to use color, what placement of color says to the viewer...and so much more. This book is not a "curated" book filled with guest artist after guest artist, but more of a "special guest" thrown in here and there accompanied by many informative pages from Chris. A perfect partner to our book, "Acrylic Solutions"!