Print, She Said...PRINT!

My Family Trading Cards project continues to grow. I spoke about this project here, and here, and I still love it.

Technology is great...but sitting and flipping through piles of photos is so much better. I love watching my daughter slowly turn through the stack and re-tell me the stories that each photo holds.. even better is that her friends can flip through them too. I prefer this casual stack so much more than a box, an album...and most of all, a hard drive.

Every time I use my camera, I download the images and immediately edit. The process only takes a few moments because I am on top of it. Delete the bad images. Save the good images in a special folder on your desktop and print the images once you have a nice sized collection. (I print about 4 times per year.)

Each camera use yields me about 10-20 images. I save a small percentage of those photos only.. we don't need to see every single tennis stroke for example.. we can remember the specific days based on what the photo tells us. (Incidentally, I also read that it is great to have your brain think to fill in some of the information you think about when you see an image rather than have every second documented on paper.)

This print order called for some larger 5x7 prints also. I'm updating some of the picture frames in the house and getting ready to give some of these framed as gifts this Christmas. Since wall space is limited, I think it's a good time to say we have out-grown some of the baby pictures we have up.. time for a fresh look.

Make smiles. You don't have to be a professional to do this... just get your images onto paper. You can thank me later. ;)